Latex Hollywood 2 Oz Makeup Accessory

Latex Hollywood 2 Oz Makeup Accessory


Latex Hollywood 2 Oz Makeup Accessory special offer: Cinema Secrets quality beauty products, for the best price!
Professional makeup artists make use of this package necessary to blend heavy edges of bald caps and prosthetics to skin, in addition to create facial lines and contours for aging effects. Directions to hide appliance and bald cap edges: Glue appliance based on its directions. Tear a Cinema Secrets Whitened Makeup Sponge in two, then create texture by picking in internet marketing to roughen the top. Dip textured finish of Sponge in a tiny bit of Flesh Latex. Stipple (make use of an up-and-lower motion to use) latex within the fringe of the applying. Overlap onto skin about 1/4″ and let dry. Make use of a hair dryer on low/awesome setting to hurry drying out process. Repeat for much better coverage. “Set” the Latex to reduce tackiness: Sprinkle a tiny bit of Cinema Secrets Without color Powder onto a powder puff. Fold the puff in two and rub powder in. Gently press-don’t smudge!-the puff in to the Latex. Directions for senior years effects: Pull skin beneath eye downward, toward the jaw, and use a thin coat of Latex underneath the eye. Important: Be certain to keep Latex way from eyes, lashes, and hair. It won’t emerge from any hair! Still hold until Latex dries, then release. Repeat 2 or 3 occasions until preferred quantity of “wrinkles” is accomplished. Repeat process on other parts of the neck and face, always employed in small areas at any given time and try to stretching skin from the middle of the face area outward. Finish by using Cinema Secrets Cream Makeup in skin colors. Removal Use a warm, wet towel to release Latex. Important: Make sure that water isn’t hot. Rub small quantities of Cinema Secrets Makeup & Adhesive Remover Oil into areas with Latex until it’s been removed. Finish by rinsing and using moisturizer in it.Buy wide array of quality Cinema Secrets items online. Woochie Flesh Latex 2 oz
Woochie Theatrical Prosthetics utilized by Hollywood Professional constitute artists
Package Includes: one bottle of professional Flesh Latex. Consists of 2 fl oz. The classic type of Natural Liquid Latex sports a subtle flesh tone. Utilize it to combine latex or foam latex home appliances and also to create dramatic age effects, and make up scars and gashes.Shockingly Realistic!Thank you for searching! Body Paint, Body by Cinema Secrets

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