Ice Lolly Lip Gloss Sets

Ice Lolly Lip Gloss Sets


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These adorable ice lollies go on your lips, not your hips! Each little lolly is full of moisturising lip gloss and they make the perfect accessory to your handbag or keychain. Why not use them as girly party favours or stocking fillers? Our lip glosses make your pout perfectly kissable and are small enough to fit in your pocket! 1 set consists of Lemon, Orange and Strawberry flavour lip balms and the other has Lime, Fudge and Berry! Whether you are looking for cute girly gifts or perhaps you are creating a pampering Christmas stocking, our Ice Lolly Lip Gloss Set is a sweet treat. Why not twin them with our Ice Lolly Bath Sponge and Flip Flop Manicure Kit for the ultimate summer gifts!

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