Excellanté Stainless Steel 4 Quart Gold Accented...

Excellanté Stainless Steel  4 Quart  Gold Accented Chafer

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Excellanté Stainless Steel 4 Quart Gold Accented Chafer

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Thunder Group stainless steel 4 quart gold accented chafer. The half-size chafer is made of stainless steel with gold accents on the handles and the supporting legs. It is sure to add elegance to any room. The chafer holds up to 4 quarts of food, great for smaller dishes or smaller quantities of food. Chafers are great for holding large amounts of foods for buffets, caterings, parties, cruises, social functions or home gatherings.

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Made out of polished stainless steel for easy cleaning and elegant design
Half-sized, 4 quart chafer set, perfect for holding appetizers or portions of food for a small party or family meal. This particular model has gold accents on the handles
The 4 quart chafer set is perfect for family get togethers or small parties
The set includes a 4 quart, half-size water pan, food pan, lid with handle, chafer rack, fuel holder, and fuel plate
The elegant design is sure to impress any guest and add class to any room Home & Kitchen Features, Home & Kitchen by Excellanté

Price: $131.76
Price:$ 38.54

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