Heavenly Perfection Skin Care Ultra-Max Anti Aging...

Heavenly Perfection Skin Care Ultra-Max Anti Aging/Wrinkle Serum 1 Oz.


Heavenly Perfection Skin Care Ultra-Max Anti Aging/Wrinkle Serum 1 Oz.

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Heavenly Ultra Max Serum is truly a all-in-one serum. Loaded with anti-wrinkle, anti-aging ingredients. Matrixyl® 3000 restores skin’s metabolism of youth. Hyaluronic Acid allows this product to hold high quantities of other active ingredients. It is packed with all the essential nutrients that you need to fight back against the march of time. This power is packed with the active ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, vitamin A, B, C & E, CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid, along with multifruits and the wonder oil meadowfoam.DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C ester, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin E and retinol vitamin A can create amazing results in the appearance of aging skin. DMAE is found in foods and can create an almost immediate difference in the firmness and tone of the skin. Vitamin C ester is a well-known and extensively documented antioxidant that protects the surface of the skin from free radicals that can damage the skin. Alpha lipoic acid is the most powerful of antioxidants. It is able to benefit both the water and lipid portions of the skin. It is said to give the skin a “youthful and glowing appearance.” Retinol palmitate (Vitamin A) nourishes the skin and assists in the “rejuvenation process that maintains a more youthful appearance.” All of these ingredients work as a synergetic blend to create an effective and wonderful serum. Argireline is a deep penetrating, powerful amino peptide that helps to relax the intensity and frequency of facial muscle contractions.Argireline® also deters the degeneration of collagen/elastin, smoothes the skin, and reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles. Within minutes you’ll notice a “lifted” feeling after applying our formulation to your skin. Remarkably effective on forehead, around the eyes, between the brows and around the mouth.

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This oligopeptide firming solution contains tons of pep-tides and has A stronger formula than most other anti-aging products, can completely fight lines and wrinkles and boosts collagen and increases elasticity for the skin. This product is made in the USA with the finest medical- grade ingredients.
Matrixyl: aka Palmitoyl-Pentapeptide-3, is Proven in clinical studies to improve wrinkle appearance more rapidly than Retinol. The use of Matrixyl has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots. Matrixyl is one of the most effective raw materials available to the cosmetic scientist for anti-aging products.
Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic Acid (aka Sodium Hyaluronate), plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function.
MATRIXYL 3000: is a amazing collagen builder and is the trademark name for palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, one of the powerful peptide molecules found in the latest generation of high-end anti-wrinkle skin care produc
Argireline® Acetyl hexapeptide-3 is a synthetic anti-wrinkle cosmetics ingredient. It is a peptide which is a fragment of SNAP-25, a substrate of Botulinum toxin. Acetyl hexapeptide-3 is marketed as Argireline by the Barcelona-based research laboratory Lipotec…… Please view our Policies Details before you make a purchase. Thank You., Oils & Serums, Face by Heavenly Perfection Skin Care

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