Kao Prettia Soft Bubble Hair Color – Marshma...

Kao Prettia Soft Bubble Hair Color – Marshmallow Brown


Kao Prettia Soft Bubble Hair Color – Marshmallow Brown

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Kao Prettia Fluffy Foam Hair Color – Marshmallow Brown is really a hair coloring product that’s made solely for ladies!!!! The product is extremely diverse from the standard hair dye product! It’s produced in a gentle, fluffy foam type!! Your hair color can evenly blend to your hair and canopy hair using the lather. Dye hair much like shampooing hair! While, departing it in your hair the 2 treatment elements found in the product will assist you to take proper care of hair! (Amino Acidity for moisture, Royal Jelly for moisture). All of this treatment can help hair from further damage making a beautiful Marshmallow Brown color hair. Using:- Perform Skin Allergy Test 48hours before by using this product. * Put on mitts before handling the product. * Make certain your course is washed. * Make use of this product on the DRY hair. 1. Add some No.1 Bottle into No.2 Bottle. 2. Cap no.2 Bottle and shake well to combine the information. 3. Change to the Foamer Cap (nozzle). 4. Squeeze no.2 Bottle lightly and use the foam for your hands. 5. Use the foam for your Dry Hair. 6. Massage hair firmly and lightly. *Make certain the froth is on your hair. 7. Leave the froth in your hair for 25!30minutes. 8. Rinse completely. 9. Make use of the hair conditioner to coat hair. *If you think it’s not enough, please make use of the attached After Color Beauty Essence.Buy wide array of quality KAO items online. Produced in a gentle, fluffy foam type
Dye hair much like shampooing your hair
Contents a: No.1 Bottle b: No.2 Bottle c: Foamer Cap (nozzle) d: Mitts e: After Color Beauty Essence Instruction Sheet (No british)Completely from Japan Chemical Hair Dyes, Hair Color by KAO

Price:$ 19.72

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