Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Hair Color,...

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Hair Color, Ultra Blue


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Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde provides natural-searching, uniform amazing to have an all-over blonde try looking in one easy step. Pick Born Blonde Ultra Blue for ultra-light blonding without brassiness Ultra-light, all-over blonding without brassiness–move from brownish to blonde in a single simple step. To be used on light blonde to brownish hair. Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde. The product is offered like a four component package: Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Liquid Lightener, Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Amazing Powder, Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Developing Crème and Nice ‘n Easy Born Blonde Moisture Intense Conditioner.Buy wide array of quality Clairol items online. Ultra Light Blonde Results With no Brassiness.Moisture Intensive Conditioning Cream nourishes hair to help keep it soft & shiny every week.Extremely premium conditioner & mitts.Uncover Perfect Blondes by Clairol.The very first time, Clairol provides a complete selection of simple to use blonding items that provide you brilliant, natural-searching blonde results that feel incredibly soft and smooth. Chemical Hair Dyes, Hair Color by Clairol

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