Proudbody Pregnancy Art Henna Kit

Proudbody Pregnancy Art Henna Kit

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Custom made for us by a professional henna artist with all the tools, tips and techniques necessary. to begin creating beautiful henna art. Ground henna leaves are mixed with lemon juice, a bit of. sugar, and essential oils to form a paste that is used in body decoration. The henna paste is applied. to the skin in patterns and leaves a red-brown stain lasting 7-10 days, known as mehndi. Our. henna kits use only natural henna, lemon juice, sugar and lavender oil. The kit makes enough. henna paste to make over 75 beautiful henna designs. Unused henna paste can be frozen and. stored for future use: Kit includes: 15 grams finely sifted fresh red henna powder (Lawsonia inermis) with sugar. premeasured Bulgarian Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil. 1 roll hypoallergenic medical tape. 1 reusable professional plastic applicator bottle. 1 professional stainless steel applicator tip, size medium. 10 alcohol swabs, 1 mixing stick, toothpicks, cotton balls,. cotton swabs and sugar. pattern ideas created especially for pregnancy. complete step-by-step instructions for easy, reliable henna stains. glitter gel in an applicator cone (used to embellish henna art). pack of crystal bindis (gems used to adorn henna art).

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100% natural kit: no chemicals, no nut products, no preservatives added
Makes 75 beautiful henna designs with one kit
30 plus pattern ideas to help you get started plus bonus designs created especially for pregnancy
Straight forward and easy to follow complete recipe and instructions
Store any unused paste in freezer for future use Hair Care, Personal Care by ProudBody, Inc.

Price:$ 29.99

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