Moltobene Clay Esthe EX Scalp Essence 4.1oz

Moltobene Clay Esthe EX Scalp Essence 4.1oz


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The new Clay Esthe EX Scalp Essence soothes itchy, irritated scalps and resolves dandruff. Clay Esthe Ex Scalp Essence also reduces occurrences of hair loss, particularly in individuals who have recently given to birth or have recovered from an illness. Scalp Essence improves blood circulation in the scalp while nourishing ingredients permeate deep into the hair roots to promote thicker, healthier hair. Environmental elements like air pollution and UV rays damage the scalp and hair. Stress and aging are also damaging factors. MoltoBene Clay Esthe Series repair this damage with resources from the deep sea. Sea water and its mineral are widely recognized as ready adaptors to the human body. This is evident in the French tehrapy Thalassotherapie which uses ocean products as remedies and cosmetic treatments. Deep sea water minerals tighten the scalp and create a smooth finish to the hair.

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Prevents premature aging of the scalp.
Resolve itchy and irritated scalps.
Promotes healthy scalp and healthy hair. Hair & Scalp Treatments, Hair Care by MoltoBene

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