Co-A Kinetics Perm (Co-A Perm)

Co-A Kinetics Perm (Co-A Perm)


Co-A Kinetics Perm (Co-A Perm) special offer: Nucleic A quality beauty products, for the best price!
Nucleic-A CO-A Perm consists of patented technology and also the coenzyme A which naturally stimulates key elements leading to resilient curls with less damage tot your hair

Nucleic-A CO-A Kinetics Perm includes a distinctive mixture of Coenzyme A along with other natural elements to depart hair more healthy and conditioned.Buy wide array of quality Nucleic A items online. Nucleic-A CO-A Perm is ideal for normal, resistant, tinted and outlined hair (as much as 40%).Nucleic-A CO-A Kinetics Perm is really a thio-free, low odor and damage-free perm that produces beautiful texture and lengthy lasting curls. Home Permanent Kits, Hair Perms & Texturizers by Nucleic A

Price:$ 11.00

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