EasyStraight Straight Styling Solutions Long-Lasti...

EasyStraight Straight Styling Solutions Long-Lasting Frizz Remover 1 set


EasyStraight Straight Styling Solutions Long-Lasting Frizz Remover 1 set

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Stop Frizz for 30 DaysGet soft, ultra-conditioned, frizz-free hair that can last for one monthInternally target and repair frizz, dryness, damage and split-finishes for more healthy searching hairRefresh dull hair color for vibrant, shiny resultsContains two programs for thirty days of frizz-free hairFormulated for those hair types and colorsBe frizz-free all month lengthy & provide your hair an overall total health transformation.The EasyStraight® Lengthy-Lasting Frizz Remover is really a revolutionary method of more healthy hair! Blow-hairdryers, flat-irons, the atmosphere and physical stress deplete hair of essential moisture, departing it weak, frizzy, dry and uncontrollable. This two part system permeates hair and deposits proteins, skin oils, skin lotions, along with a special mixture of silk and cashmere to correct, soften and strengthen hair. When used regularly with time, hair is going to be more powerful, more healthy and free from frizz!Removes frizz, split-finishes and fly-awaysLeave hair workable, smooth and softStrengthen dry hair and stop breakageInfuse hair with essential nutrientsRenew dull hair and refresh hair colorSoften hair and a mix of silk and cashmere extractsTakes under 1/2 hour to completeContains two programs for thirty days of resultsFor all hair types, colors and texturesThis Package Includes:Step 1 Internal Repair System Part AStep 1 Internal Repair System Part BStep 2 Cuticle Removing ConditionerGloves + SpatulaHair styling expert Haime Munoz has spent his career changing unmanageable curls and frizz into straight, smooth hair.After presenting the newest 3 Month Straightener in 2004, Munoz produced the very first ever permanent frizz remover. The Lengthy-Lasting Frizz Remover is really a revolutionary method of getting rid of frizz and healing hair.”Problems like puffy, dry, dull, wild hair start within the hair. Typical items focus on the top of hair to temporarily tame problems. My solution

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