Cedar and Saffron body oil – 10 ml

Cedar and Saffron body oil – 10 ml


Cedar and Saffron body oil – 10 ml

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SaaQin has earned one of the best reputations in the industry. We have customers from all over the world and a demand for our products on a daily basis that has developed solely on our outstanding reputation.

We specialize in offering uncut, “Grade A” Oils available in over 1000 fragrances, and our list of available fragrances continues to grow.

We are inaugurating our new production facility in New York (Jan 2012), where the highest Quality oil in the world will be made with the highest craftsmanship and technology.

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all our fragrance oils are alcohol Free, DPG Free.
all our oils are 100% pure, uncut and organic organic ingredient were used to make the fragrances.
all our oils are fruits and flowers base, no synthethic identicals or animal products have been used.
comes in a Decorative Perfume Bottle with Metal and Beads, Screw-on Gold cap with Glass Applicator. Fragrance, Products by SAAQIN ®

Price:$ 19.95

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