Colette Lovely Glow Olive Aloe Body Oil 8 oz. 100...

Colette Lovely Glow Olive  Aloe Body Oil 8 oz. 100% Pure


Colette Lovely Glow Olive Aloe Body Oil 8 oz. 100% Pure special offer: Lovely Glow quality beauty products, for the best price!
The women of the Mediterranean have known the secret for centuries. The secret is the enormous benefits of Olive Oil, a mild oil that has been used for thousands of years on the skin.
Olive Oil has very natural healing and enriching properties that are extremely beneficial to the skin. It has been said that the people of the Mediterranean have some of the most beautiful and youthful looking skin in the world, but few know that not only is Olive Oil a large part of their diet but also an excellent cleanser and conditioner for the skin.

In ancient times, the Greeks used Olive Oil to clean and condition their bodies. They found that after having done this, the skin did not have a greasy feel but one of soft moisture. In addition, the skin is left with a lovely soft glow. Even today, in Italy, Olive Oil is used on the skin after sun to not only soothe and relieve the skin but also replace moisture.

Colette Lovely Glow Body Oil contains not only Olive Oil but also other soothing properties such as Aloe, Green Tea, and Vitamin E. These natural healing and soothing elements will revitalize your skin to maintain the softness and moisture of youthful looking and feeling skin.

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Discover the Ancient Secret of the Mediterranean.
Perfect for dry skin. Let your skin drink in the rich Moisture of Olive Oil, the healing properties of Aloe,
Green Tea, and Vitamin E.
Use After Shower, After Sun, After Tanning, Sultry Summer Evenings, Massage, or when Skin is Dry.
100% Pure All Natural Ingredients. Oils, Moisturizers by Lovely Glow

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