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MAN STUFFTM Gift Pack special offer: Man Stuff quality beauty products, for the best price!
The Man StuffTM Package includes all three: Man Lotion, Man Wash and Man Rinse! Take advantage of this great offer and give your man a gift he will use every day!

Lotion for the MANLY MAN!
You don’t have to smell like a flower when you have dry skin. This is not your wife’s hand lotion! Absorbs quickly with a light, manly scent. Non-oily formula seals in moisture without leaving a greasy residue. Contains No Methyl Paraben!
Shampoo Body Wash for Men
Man WashTM is a great new shampoo and body wash in one! Man wash keeps your hair and body clean while not drying out your skin or scalp. You’ll love our light manly scent. Man Wash is made with high quality plant extracts like Grapefruit Seed, Papaya, Green Tea and More!
Hair Conditioner for Men
Man RinseTM is a hair conditioning rinse that washes out clean and leaves hair soft and manageable. Great ingredients like Papaya, Sage and Lemongrass. Use everytime you shampoo with Man Wash!

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Price: $24.95
Price:$ 18.95

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