Fake Bake Tanning Lotion Self Tanner 6 Oz

Fake Bake Tanning Lotion Self Tanner 6 Oz


Fake Bake Tanning Lotion Self Tanner 6 Oz

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No streaks, pale patches, or brown spots

Moisture-wealthy and advantageous for your skin

Wealthy color, more durable by as much as 50%

Consists of Vitamin D, that is a proven regulator from the defense mechanisms

May help with slimming down, or reduce risk for many illnesses.Buy wide array of quality Fake Bake items online. Fake Bake Sunless – Self-Tanning Product: Prepare to see the best in self-tanning creams! We’ve produced a distinctive mixture of exotic oils and natural elements to provide you with Fake Bake’s Self-Tanning Product. Its richness colored provides you with the right tan with no harmful unwanted effects from the sun.Created for easy, goof-proof application, Fake Bake includes a built-colored guide, a dark temporary color that let us the thing is wherever you are using the merchandise. No pale patches, no streaks, no brown spots. Use the product with mitts during the night and shower from the color guide each morning.Only your perfect Fake Bake sunless tan will stay. The moisture-wealthy formula significantly softens skin, making Fake Bake the only real tan that’s really great for the skin. Technology that encourages a softer application for any much deeper, more dark, longer-lasting tan by as much as 50%. Lotions, Moisturizers by Fake Bake

Price: $30.00
Price:$ 14.50

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