Elings Hyjuvenage Anti-aging, Hydrating Rejuvenati...

Elings Hyjuvenage Anti-aging, Hydrating Rejuvenation Serum with Matrixyl 3000 Argireline Idebenone and Hyaluronic Acid!


Elings Hyjuvenage Anti-aging, Hydrating Rejuvenation Serum with Matrixyl 3000 Argireline Idebenone and Hyaluronic Acid!

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Hyjuvenage is really a effective anti-aging serum full of proven skin reviving actives to depart the skin hydrated and reveal a more youthful more radiant complexion.


Matrixyl encourages the “matrix” layers within the skin mainly bovine collagen and fibronectin. When stimulated, your skin produces more bovine collagen. Lack of bovine collagen is exactly what results in loss skin and also the wrinkles of recently inelastic skin.

Matrixyl 3000

Matrixyl 3000 remarkably encourages skin tissue to revive itself to some more youthful strength while marketing deep tissue repair.


Idebenone shields skin from environment damage, enhances the look of wrinkles and facial lines, reduces dryness and smoothes skin texture. Idebenone can slip readily into skin cells within the greatest layer of your skin, where Idebenone neutralizes destructive toxins. Idebenone doesn’t only possess antioxidant qualities but additionally is able to decrease bovine collagen breakdown, meaning less apparent facial lines and contours.


Squalane is comparable to natural oils in our body, so the skin we have can and does completely absorb it. It creates your body’s own oil and moisturizes your skin, departing it fresh having a healthy glow. Squalane is 100% suitable for natural oils in our body.

Acid Hyaluronic

Acid Hyaluronic Serum fills skin layers with abundant moisture, creating a highly favorable atmosphere for skin to self-get over daily damages. Acid hyaluronic maintains water just like a sponge, absorbing a lot more than 1,000 occasions the weight. This can help to draw in and keep water inside the extracellular space, hydrating the skin and growing its volume and density.


Argireline may be the foundation to battle facial lines which are triggered by contraction of muscles. It’s a safer, cheaper, and milder option to Botox treatment. Argireline is 100 occasions competitive with vit a with no irritation. Buy wide array of quality Elings items online. Decrease in Facial lines and Fine lines
Firming of skin
Eye bag reduction
Even skin tone
Skin Hydration Moisturizers, Face by Elings

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Price:$ 39.95

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