Clown White Creme Foundation (2.5 oz.)

Clown White Creme Foundation (2.5 oz.)


Clown White Creme Foundation (2.5 oz.) special offer: Graftobian quality beauty products, for the best price!
Clown Whitened Crème Foundation is made from another base than our other fundamentals. This is made of wealthy and creamy, with dense skin tones, produced specifically for that professional clown. This cream isn’t heavy or oily, but rather is smooth and smooth while supplying tremendous coverage. Obtainable in 2.5oz. bottle. 8oz. dimensions are available too (offered individually). Be sure to get a Make-Up Sponge (offered individually) for simple application. We can’t accept make-up items for return unless of course they’re within their original packaging, unopened and sealed.Buy wide array of quality Graftobian items online. Category: Add-ons & Makeup
Category2: Add-ons & MAKEUP
Color: White
Display Size: 2.5 oz.Care Instruction: Remove with Graftobian Make-up Remover. Repel o Foundation, Face by Graftobian

Price: $9.99
Price:$ 7.99

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