suki targeted bio-brightening face serum

suki targeted bio-brightening face serum


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Brighten your complexion while diminishing the look of hyper-skin tones, scars, spots and redness with this particular oil-free serum. Well suited for all skin tones, especially individuals with rosacea or sensitive skin, it rapidly soaks up to embellish and balance. The highly concentrated formula doesn’t bleach your skin, but naturally evens tone with unique elements including songyi mushroom, artificial whitened willow, licorice root and time-launched ascorbic acid glucoside. Together they assist reduce undesirable discoloration and stop future skin tones triggers while reviving and balancing. Soothing rose, lavender and calendula help calm and lower irritation. Includes a light sweet scent.Buy wide array of quality Suki items online. balances uneven complexion – encourages skin cell rejuvenation
contains potent anti-inflammatory benefits – helps you to fight microbe activity
helps to hinder melanin production – helps you to correct hyper-pigmentation
helps to reduce tyrosinase activity – tones & improves clearness Face Treatments, Face by Suki

Price: $82.12
Price:$ 34.95

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