Perlabella Hyaluronic Acid, 28-Count

Perlabella Hyaluronic Acid, 28-Count


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Perlabella hyaluronic acid akin smoothing wrinkle filler.

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Perlabella’s Hyaluronic Acid is an injection free anti-aging facial serum that gives a visible fuller effect
Each tiny pearl delivers a combination of Hyaluronic Acid for instant hydration and softening plus dual peptides for long-term wrinkle contract and increased elasticity
Perlabella?s single dose Pearls are unique because unlike most other anti-aging products, they are airtight, making it impossible for water, air or preservatives to compromise the integrity of their ingredients.
All you get is pure product, every time you use Perlabella
Perlabella products are not tested on animals Face Treatments, Face by Perlabella

Price:$ 125.00

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