DERMAdoctor Tease Zone, Oil Control Gel 1.7 oz (50...

DERMAdoctor Tease Zone, Oil Control Gel 1.7 oz (50 ml)


DERMAdoctor Tease Zone, Oil Control Gel 1.7 oz (50 ml) special offer: DERMAdoctor quality beauty products, for the best price!
Up until now, there have been 3 main categories of oil-reducing products on the market. Those heavily laden with fragrance (a definite dermatological no-no); those without fragrance that leave a strong chemical odor; and those that have a heavy, pore-plugging silicone base. Tease Zone is none of the above. It goes on lightly and disappears; you won’t even realize you’ve got it on. But its formulation contains a highly concentrated level of effective patented Polymer Technology – Sebum Sequestering Micro-Particles – that work to keep surface skin oils at bay without parching skin. Sebum Sequestering Micro-Particles subtly entice oils into exile. No “matte-r” what your skin type, skin looks beguiling and balanced. “Matte-ifying” gel vanishes on contact without a hint of residue. Sebum Sequestering Micro-Particles are an extraordinary innovation whereby the particles “soak up” sebum produced by sebaceous oil glands. The micro-particles are non-sticky and very lightweight, so Tease Zone vanishes instantly without leaving unpleasant residue, or chemical odor. Eliminating excess surface skin oils deprives acne-causing Proprionibacterium acnes of nourishment, another factor for reducing acne formation, and reduces visible pore size. Flirting with unpleasant parching or irritation when performing a little strip tease of the zone? Tease Zone is ideal no matter whether you’re plagued by oily skin or combination skin. Dry skin wo. . .

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