DERMAdoctor Immaculate Correction Potent Hydroquin

DERMAdoctor Immaculate Correction Potent Hydroquin


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Clarify blotchy, uneven skin discoloration, age spots and melasma. Immaculate Correction dramatically improves cellular renewal in addition to firming & brightening the skin. Our hydroquinone-free rejuvenation treatment, takes aim at blotchy skin discoloration while firming and toning aging skin and improving the appearance of fine wrinkle lines. Regardless of the cause of skin discoloration be it from old acne (PIH/post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), skin trauma, sun damage (such as freckles or “liver spots”) or hormonal causes (melasma); Immaculate Correction is your prescription for luminous, spotless skin. Overachieving melanocytes trigger irregular skin tone. These pigment-producing cells become stimulated by the enzyme tyrosinase, producing extra melanin, resulting in patchy skin discoloration. The goal of skin bleaching is to turn off melanin production and eliminate unwanted pools of pigment already present in the skin. Immaculate Correction contains non-irritating active ingredients that take aim at tyrosinase activity while accelerating cellular turnover via gentle non-acidic chemical exfoliation. Together, these help improve the appearance of unwanted dark spots whether the result of melasma, age spots, inflammation or simply too much time spent in the sun. As with all skin brightening and lightening treatments, anticipate results in 6 to 12 months of continued use. Benefits: . . .

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