DERMAdoctor Calm, Cool Corrected Anti-Redness Tr

DERMAdoctor Calm, Cool  Corrected Anti-Redness Tr


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Rosacea is commonly mistakenly referred to as adult acne. It’s not acne. Dermatologists understand that this multifactor condition isn’t what your teen suffers from nor is teenage medication the proper way to treat it. The most common mistake for treating rosacea-resorting to ingredients used to fight teenage acne. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and retinoids frequently tend to only aggravate rosacea (making skin redder and more sensitive) rather than treating the condition. That’s because rosacea can include any or all of these symptoms: redness, scaling, new-onset sensitivity, inflammation, oiliness and blemishes. And since rosacea typically affects individuals between the ages of 25-65, skin rejuvenation is equally important. Yet many ingredients used in anti-aging products can irritate newly sensitive skin. These symptoms are diminished by controlling oil production, reducing inflammation, reducing cellular build-up, minimizing bacteria production on the skin and including potent, non-irritating rejuvenating antioxidants. Calm Cool and Corrected employs a sophisticated complex of ingredients to relieve all of these skin aggravations: Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid and Oleanolic Acid effectively help reduce visible signs of acne. Sebum Sequestering Micro-Particles, a form of polymer technology, help absorb excess surface skin oils without causing skin dryness.. . .

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