Traditional Made Ghana Black Soap

Traditional Made Ghana Black Soap


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Some of the Benefits of black soap

– Helps deep clean skin.

– Works on most skin types including rough and dry or sensitive skin

– Helps clear skin bumps and spots

– Helps relieve acne, oily skin & other skin problems.

– Great for removing makeup

– Works against premature facial lines and wrinkles

– Can be lathered and used as a shampoo.

Usage of the Black African Soap

Break off a bar-size piece from the bulk, then press it to shape with your hands, or use it as is. Rub the bar between your hands (or on a washcloth would also work), then rub your soapy hands on your skin and hair. (If you rub the bar on your hair, it will get hair stuck to the bar.) Black soap absorbs water easily, so keep it from sitting in water or it will dissolve away. The soap holders covered with little vertical fingers work well.

Because this soap is softer than commercial soap, it comes off the bar more easily, so less rubbing of the bar is needed to release enough soap. When you start another bar, just push the old soap sliver onto the new piece and the two will easily unite; leaving no waste.

How to Store the Black African Soap

Pure traditional African black soap is a soft milled soap and has very high natural glycerin content. As a result, it readily absorbs moisture from the air. It must be stored in a dry location or in a sealed plastic bag or it will become soft as it absorbs moisture. Black soap exposed to the air will have a thin white colored film. This film is not mold it is caused by absorption of water from the air. This can be avoided by keeping the soap in a dry location away from moisture until ready for use.


Traditional Black Soap contains mainly cocoa pod ashes, plantain skins ashes, and palm oil, processed together.

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