Old Spice Fresh Collection Fiji Scent Bar Soap 2 P...

Old Spice Fresh Collection Fiji Scent Bar Soap 2 Packs of 6 Bars (12 Bar Total)


Old Spice Fresh Collection Fiji Scent Bar Soap 2 Packs of 6 Bars (12 Bar Total)

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Grab your scent-seeking Geiger counter and start combing the beach of freshness, for you are about to be rich beyond your wildest dreams. No, not from precious metals. But from the rich tropical scent of the complete Fiji collection.

From the tropical islands of Fiji, man created one of his greatest inventions: the hammock. Hammocks are what man would sleep in if it weren’t for women, who require sheets and pillows and spring mattresses. But even if you rise from one of these so-called beds, you can still retreat to the shower and wash yourself in the fresh “scent hammock” of Fiji Bar Soap.

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Smell like the kind of man who lives in the kind of place that you’d like to smell like
Plants a flag of fragrance high atop your man mountain.
It allows you to mark large geographical areas with your scent and increase your dominion.
It gives heart to the weak, while striking fear into your enemies.
Soap on a rope without the rope (rope not included) Soaps, Cleansers by Old Spice

Price:$ 29.99

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