DERMAdoctor Born To Be Mild Medicated Face Body

DERMAdoctor Born To Be Mild Medicated Face  Body


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Dandruff on my face? That’s a question many patients ask when told that those annoying signs of redness, flaking, dryness, sensitivity and/or inflammation involving: the eyebrows : beard or moustache area : around the mouth : nasolabial folds (crease extending from the nose to the angles of the mouth) : the nasal ala (crease under the flare of the nose under the nostrils) are in fact symptoms of Seborrheic Dermatitis, more commonly referred to as Seborrhea or Dandruff. Dermatologist’s Secret: 2% pyrithione zinc containing dandruff shampoos are frequently recommended by dermatologists for use on the face and body to complement prescription dandruff therapy. The Reason: Pyrithione zinc has been medically proven to kill yeast that live upon the skin and drive this (and other) dermatologic conditions. Kill the yeast, clear the dandruff. Continued use creates an environment hostile to their regrowth and keeps skin looking clear and healthy. The Problem: Patients with this condition are often already dry, sensitive and irritated and unable to tolerate the dryness and irritation these dandruff shampoos (or prescription antibiotic cleansers) can cause. Ultimately they turn to non-therapeutic, non-medicated options like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. The Solution: Enter DERMAdoctor Born To Be Mild. The first cleanser of its kind to effectively tr. . .

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