Cosmedix Define 1 oz

Cosmedix Define 1 oz


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Cosmedix Define 1 oz. For all skin types, acne, sun damaged, skin, dull/lifeless skin, Rosacea, hyper pigmentation. Enjoyed by all skin conditions and skin types, this unique blend of gentle acids and 2% L-Retinol A from Cosmedix provides a powerful motivation for changes in your skin. The secret is in enhancing the penetration of these activities to maximize collagen production and minimize other side effects.Benefits:Indications:Directions:Best used in the evening. Apply to face and neck area sparingly. Discontinue if peeling or irritation occurs.Ingredients:L-lactic Acid, Albumin, L-retinol AGP, L-malic Acid, L-tartaric Acid, D-alpha-tocopherol, D-Aloe Vera Extract, L-apha-bisabolol, Fullerenes * For all skin types, including acne, sun damage, dull/lifeless skin, rosacea and hyper pigmentation.

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Exfoliates epidermal cells
Remodels epidermis and dermis
Reduces acne
Stimulates fibroblast production
Sun protective Cleansers, Face by Cosmedix

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