Pure Skin Care Black Rice Anti-aging Line Reducing...

Pure Skin Care Black Rice Anti-aging Line Reducing Eye Cream .5 Oz

Pure Skin Care Black Rice Anti-aging Line Reducing Eye Cream .5 Oz Photo 2     

Pure Skin Care Black Rice Anti-aging Line Reducing Eye Cream .5 Oz

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Hydrolyzed Black Rice Protein Peptides and Line Filling Micro-Pearls:These 2 ingredients guarantee immediate, visible results and powerful anti-aging benefits. 88% of users see a continued visible reduction in wrinkles in 4 weeks.* Black Rice peptides actively fight premature aging by improving skin softness, elasticity and tone and stimulating cellular metabolism. Existing wrinkles will fade and the formation of new wrinkles will noticeably slow down and signs of fatigue will disappear. The line filling micro-pearls (natural vegetable factors) give immediate results, as if the lines have been temporarily filled in. (This explains the matte look when applied) When the micro-pearls come into contact with the natural moisture of the skin they re-plump/rehydrate and plump up the wrinkles on the face. Peptides are proteins & amino acids that when grouped together offer tremendous skin care benefit. They help skin by increasing the synthesis of protein and collagen, epidermal growth & over all cellular metabolism. The result:Skin appears more smooth, firm, vital & wrinkle free.The peptide is very small ensuring rapid/ deep penetration into the epidermis. The Black Rice peptide comes from a natural, organic origin,from Italy. The Black Rice Extract,then formulated into an even smaller fraction called Hydrolyzed Rice Protein a protein that is the foundation for the Black Rice Peptide. Micro-pearls absorb into the horny layer of the skin, especially in areas where the deepest wrinkles are located. When they make contact with the epidermal water, the spheres re-inflate,creating a wrinkle-erasing, wrinkle filling effect immediately. The deeper the wrinkle, the more pronounced the effect of the micro-pearls will be. That is because the deeper the wrinkle, the more moisture is retained. The “moisture needing pearl” can then expand, fill in and erase wrinkles within one hour of application.

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