MD Lash Factor- Eyelash Conditioner/Enhancer .2oz ...

MD Lash Factor- Eyelash Conditioner/Enhancer .2oz by Susan Lin MD


MD Lash Factor- Eyelash Conditioner/Enhancer .2oz by Susan Lin MD special offer: MD by Susan F. Lin quality beauty products, for the best price!
For lash lovers who want to have long and thick lashes without prescription, or possible side effects or irritations from products containing prostaglandin, welcome to New MD Lash Factor. BENEFITS Opthalmologist tested Safe for contact lens wearers Safe for sensitive eyes Prostaglandin Free No animal testing Less irritation Avoid risk of permanent change in pigments for iris and skin No need for prescription All study participants reported the appearance of fuller lashes, including one subject undergoing chemotherapy Lashes are conditioned for a naturally fuller appearance and to reach their fullest natural potential Easy to use, once a day nightly application Paraben-free KEY INGREDIENTS MD Lash Factor Nutritional Complex derived from milk to provides lash follicles with biological signals to improve biochemical properties necessary for healthy lashes. Thiotane powerful amino acid acts as a potent antioxidant to protect against superoxide radicals, UV, ozone, and environmental pollutants. Provides DNA protection as well as anti-aging properties to decrease break down of collagen and harmful tissue necrosis factor. Panthenol humectants to increase moisture inside lashes making them feel fuller and thicker. DIRECTIONS Apply at night on cleansed skin; removing contact lenses (if applicable) Apply small amount with the brush applicator along the base of upper and lower lash line. Do not use more than once per day. * If applying to lower lashes go underneath the lashes, just like applying eye liner . * MD Lash Factor can be applied to eyebrows as well. DISCLAIMER:MD Lash Factor??? Eyelash Conditioner is not intended to prevent, cure, relieve, resolve, stop or reduce hair loss or to promote the growth of hair.

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MD Lash Factor is a new cosmetic breakthrough for the health, conditioning and beautification of eyelashes.
This eyelash conditioner, formulated by Dr. Susan F. Lin, is the only eyelash conditioner that’s proven to promote the appearance of longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes in as little as one week. (Most results are noticed in 4-8 weeks.)
Physician-formulated New MD Lash Factor is an eyelash conditioner that dramatically improves the appearance of lashes right before your very eyes.
Through Dr. Lin’s research in scalp hair regenration, specific cytokines and powerful anti-oxidants were discovered to benefit the scalp and eyelashes without using drugs or prostaglandin analogues.
In fact, the initial clinical study showed a 48% increase in lash length appearance after four weeks ? with some patients seeing results in as little as two weeks* Mascara, Eyes by MD by Susan F. Lin

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