MAVALA® Eye-Lite Double Lash

MAVALA® Eye-Lite Double Lash


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Finally, you no longer have to thicken your thinning lashes with multiple coats of mascara! Switzerlands Double-Lash is the only night treatment specifically formulated for lengthening, thickening and protecting eyelashes. Contains a special multi-protein that works overnight to immediately bond splitting and restore thickness. Meanwhile the exclusive moisturizing ingredients condition dry, brittle hairs to make them softer and more luxuriant. Just brush it on at bedtime, and within a few days youll notice a fuller appearance and less “flyaways.” In just three to four weeks, the rich nutrients begin to promote healthy, consistent growth. Youll show off naturally long lashes instead of slathering on the mascara. Use nightly for best results. Safe, sterile and non-toxic, it wont irritate sensitive eyes. Also works to thicken sparse eyebrows. Comes in a convenient brush-on applicator. Package: 0.33 fl oz (10 ml)

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From Switzerland, a nutritive treatment that lengthens and strengthens lashes, helps stimulate faster growth and protects them.
0.33 fl oz (10 ml). Mascara, Eyes by MAVALA

Price:$ 24.75

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