Zink Color Multi Purpose Glitter Brilliance Pro 3D...

Zink Color Multi Purpose Glitter Brilliance Pro 3D Silver


Zink Color Multi Purpose Glitter Brilliance Pro 3D Silver

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Z!NK COLORGlitter Brilliance Pro 3D Silver Eyes: It is recommended to dust some loose powder on your cheek to help remove any glitter fall out before you apply the glitter (fan brush to help remove glitter). Use eyeshadow primer or cream eye shadows prior to glitter application in order for the glitter to stay. Use a brush with loose fibers (a buffing brush) to pick up glitters. Only pick up a small amount at a time. Tap onto the desired area. Lips: Apply loose powder around the lip area to help prevent glitter fall out from sticking to the skin. Apply a thick coat of the desired colored lip gloss prior to glitter application. Either use fingertip or lip brush to dab the glitter onto your lips. Once you are satisfied with the look, use a fan brush to dust off glitter fall out around the lip area. Body: Spray water or body lotion to the desired area prior to applying glitter on your body. Lightly sprinkle glitter to the area to avoid creating glitter patches. If you are looking for a glitter tattoo, we recommend using DUO adhesive. Allow the adhesive to dry before applying glitter on top. Nails: Apply top coat then sprinkle glitter on the desired area. You can also achieve glittered french tips with the help of french nail stickers (can be found at your local beauty store). Our cosmetic glitter is very light and adheres to the skin easily.We always recommend that you apply glitters in small increments because it is easier to add more product instead of removing an excess amount. Having a moist surface will allow glitter to stick on longer.

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Size: 5 gram cube jar
Glitter size: 0.008 inch
Cosmetics grade glitter
Same quality as the glitter from urban decay; make up for ever or MAC PRO
Very reflective and beautiful in colours Glitter & Shimmer, Eyes by Zink Color

Price:$ 6.99

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