Magnetic Eye Mask

Magnetic Eye Mask

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12 powerful sewn in magnets. 100% natural & safe. Soothing luxurious lining with adjustable strap to fit all sizes. Can be used on many areas of the head or face. Eye conditions, better sleep, headaches, migraines, improved brain activity, younger looking skin, throat & thyroid conditions. Magnetic Material: Neodymium. Manufacturer’s Rating: 12,000 Gauss. Surface Gauss: 1200 Gauss. Penetration: 3.5″ (9cm). Polarity: North (-)

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A versatile mask for many conditions
12 super powerful neodymium magnets sewn in.
Deep, rejuvenating sleep.
Headache relief
Tension relief Masks, Eyes by Serenity 2000

Price: $24.99
Price:$ 23.66

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