Ice Lolly Bath Sponge – Splash Pops

Ice Lolly Bath Sponge – Splash Pops


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Make bath time as fun as a day at the beach with the Ice Lolly Bath Sponge! Our multi coloured, lolly shaped bath sponges come on lollipop sticks. Ideal from scrubbing your back and buffing your bikini lines, this bath sponge will get into all those nooks and crevices. The ice lolly with zero calories, you can get those hips squeaky clean without piling on the pounds. There is nothing like an ice lolly on a hot day…and there is nothing like an Ice Lolly Bath Sponge in a hot bath! If you are looking for summery bathroom accessories then you can’t go wrong with our Splash Pops bath Sponge! Treat yourself to a bath accessory with a difference thanks to our huge Ice Lolly Bath Sponge!

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Price:$ 9.75

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