Graftobian Disguise Stix (Sunset Peach)

Graftobian Disguise Stix (Sunset Peach)


Graftobian Disguise Stix (Sunset Peach) special offer: Graftobian quality beauty products, for the best price!
Disguise Stix is cleaning soap based face/body fresh paint on the stick! Each stick supplies enough coloring for 5-7 faces inside a formulation that’s functional on hair and skin, it is applicable easily and washes from and from anything with only cleaning soap and water. If coloring will get on clothing, pre treat the region with cleaning soap and water after which launder in normal way. After use, Disguise Stix might be air-dried for future use. Unused coloring remains functional for a long time! To make use of Disguise Stix Make-Up, you just wet the coloring in water and put it on having a brush, sponge, your tips of the fingers, a cotton wool ball or from the stick. When coloring hair, you dip the stick in water and use the coloring straight to your hair, then comb or brush your hair as the coloring continues to be moist. Internet Weight: 1/8oz / 3.5g

Buy wide array of quality Graftobian items online. Hands dipped
Temporary coloring for skin and hair
Apply utilizing a brush or perhaps a sponge
Great for beginners
Made in the united states Temporary Tattoos, Body by Graftobian

Price:$ 14.19

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